2016 MCB Tournament Schedule and Results

March 19-20 Sat and Sun Brownlee -with MVB on Woodhead
April 17 -SundayCJ Strike on Black Sands
May 1 -Sunday Anderson Ranch on Curlew
June 4 SaturdayMilner -Mini Cassia Open on Riverside
June 25-26 Sat and SunOwyhee -with MVB on Indian Creek
July 24 Sunday Magic Reservoir
August 20 Saturday Milner (Co-Ed) 2:30 - 7:30pm on Riverside
Sept. 10 Saturday Milner -Dry Creek Open on Golf Course
Sept. 25 -SundayWalcott on State Park
Nov. 5 SaturdaySnow Bowl on Black Sands
2016 YTD Angler Points